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Expat Counseling Vienna
English Language Counseling
for Expats by an Expat

"Your Passport to Harmony while Globally Mobile"
Helen Rudinsky, MS
Marriage & Family Therapist

Marriage Counseling, Expat English Language Counseling, Family Counseling

Serving  couples, individuals and children in English speaking
expatriate  communities worldwide since 1980 with face-to-face sessions and via Skype.

Copyright 2012@Helen Rudinsky, MS,
Marriage & Family Therapist

To prepare for the initial session, each new client is asked to read "Preparing--The First
" and to fill out and bring with them to the first session hard copies of all six
consent forms, forms 1-6,  below.

It usually takes at least 60 minutes to complete all the forms.

These consent forms are binding agreements between the client and therapist.  

It is important that the client reads each consent form carefully to understand fully the
policies and procedures of the therapeutic process.

If a client has questions regarding the policies and procedures, he or she should ask
before or during the first session.

It is recommended that the client gives extra time and attention to completing
Form 6-My
Goals for Therapy

Both partners, or both parents are required to sign all six consent forms. It is a good idea
for clients to make copies of all completed forms for their own record.

As a member of the medical community, I am required by law to have all six completed
consent forms from each new client before we begin the first  session.
Client Consent Forms