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"The therapy sessions helped me realize that it's not just her but also me, and that we both
need to work on our relationship"
Neal, Vienna

Ten years after finishing counseling: "Things are going very well and the lessons we learned in
counseling have really stuck with us."     
Bob and Suzanna, Vienna

"Helen listened intently to what I said, offered very constructive suggestions and solutions,
explained the theories and concepts so I understood what I was trying to achieve,
recommended several excellent books, and asked enough questions to ensure that I was
following her suggestions. I felt very comfortable talking to her"   
Byron, Zurich

"As a client who had been searching for about 3 years to find a therapist that I "As a client who
had been searching for about 3 years to find a therapist that I could connect with, finding Helen
was like having a bolder lifted off my chest"connect with, finding Helen was like having a
bolder lifted off my chest"
Claire, Bratislava, Bratislava

"Learning communication skills was very helpful--then adding the Family Genogram was
great--to first establish how to understand each other and follow up with the reasons for
misunderstandings. Learning about gender differences was great too!"
  Sonya, Vienna

"We were facing considerable marital difficulties on the verge of an oversees move. Helen  
was able to help us solve our marital problems and prepare for life as expatriates, at the same
  Beate, Linz

"Both the contents and the sequence of the therapy was excellent"   Robert, Geneva

"Just wish we had more time to fully complete the whole program, but feel we got so much out
of it."
  Joan, Vienna

"Learning communication skills was very helpful. They really set the framework for us coming
closer together and understanding each other better"   
Chadwick, Graz

"The Imago Therapy was very helpful. I still read the Hendrix book on occasion"   Jon,
Washington, DC

"I have been very pleased with the sessions I've had with Helen. She was genuinely
concerned about my health and well-being, she explained both sides of difficult issues and
choices I had to think about, and I always ended each session feeling like I had learned more
about myself and my personal situation and how to deal with it
"   Paul, Moscow

"When we started coming to counseling in July we didn't think we had problems but we were
wrong. Now through Helen's treatment plan we have become better friends and lovers. There
is no telling where we would be today if we didn't make this investment in our relationship"
Rosa, Bratislava

"After several attempts to find a therapist that I could connect to and being African  I thought I
needed an African therapist to be understood. When in fact that was not true at all. I think
women have an universal connection and finding Helen was just the connection I needed".
Sandra, Washington, DC

"These therapy sessions are one of the best things to happen to us. I'm so thankful we stuck
to it and didn't give up halfway through. I'd recommend it to anyone in a relationship who may
be going through problems or who may simply want to avoid getting to the point where
problems ever start"  
Anita, Prague

"I have recommended Helen to several friends"  Janik, Amsterdam

"Helen helped ME first so then I could work on helping my marriage thrive. Before I was so
busy blaming myself for things I shouldn't have been blaming myself for, while trying to make
my husband happy. Helen helped me understand the importance of making ME happy first.
Making me happy and making the necessary time for myself not only helped me but helped my
husband and my kids. Thank you!!!"   
Debra, Bethesda

"My experience has been wonderful. My relationship has improved dramatically since our 1st
session"  Anna Marie, Zurich

"I found all aspects of the treatment plan to be very helpful, especially communication skills"
Stefan, Basel

"Learning about gender differences was very helpful, I loved Imago Therapy and Genograms
were a real eye opener. The Speaker/Listener Technique was a Godsend.  The idea of having
couples meetings would never have occurred to us, but they're a perfect way to separate the
serious from the fun"
. Eva. Geneva

"Being a wife and a mother of three, a working professional, an active community member and
PTA member, the hustle and bustle of every day life had certainly taken its toll after 14 years.
My marriage was in a rut and my body was failing. After a month's visit and several homework
assignments from Helen, I was quickly on my way to the 360 turn around I wanted for my
marriage and me".
Hannah, Arlington

" Helen helped us achieve harmony in our relationship by giving both of us tools to maintain
and nurture it"
Gillian, Vienna

"Helen tells you exactly what you need to hear. She assesses your situation quickly and
accurately and gives a refreshing perspective. Her approach was practical and made sense"
Connie, Vienna

"The results of our therapy were even better than we expected"Joan, Graz

"This gave us an open place to discuss things we couldn't talk about at home." Jo, Vienna

Helen provided us a systematic approach to deal with relationship conflict" Bob, Vienna

"Helen's observations are always dead-on reflecting her extensive experience in working with
couples and families"
Leanne, Baden

"On the first day we came to counseling, I thought our marriage was over and there was
nothing we could do to repair it. Thankfully, Helen, helped us turn our marriage around
" Dave,

"Our time with Helen was very productive and helped us recognize destructive patterns and
habits that were hurting our relationship" Bruce, Vienna

"Very insightful, very engaged therapist. I was sceptical at first but felt better about the
method with every session. It works, I'd definitely recommend Helen" Betty, Vienna.
Expat Counseling Vienna
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"Your Passport to Harmony while Globally Mobile"
"I immediately felt that our therapist provided us with a
simple system of analyzing our problems and modifying our
Ken, Graz

"We learned so much---our relationship has gone from
being stressful to the opposite of stress, this has made my
spouse become my refuge from the world. I feel we are
ready to face new challenges
together, which is what we
always wanted from our marriage."   
Mary, Vienna

"One of the best decisions we ever made---wish we could
convince some friends and family to take this step!"
Janna, Geneva

"Helen helped us repair our marriage and gave us the tools
to move forward"
Gina, Vienna
Below are comments from former clients--- names and cities have been changed
to protect confidentiality.
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