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I am not part of any insurance network. My services are "out of network".  Please check if your
insurance will reimburse you before starting our counseling sessions. Your insurance company
may  pay a portion of the fee. I do not take insurance for several reasons:

First, most of my clients prefer to keep their counseling sessions confidential. Insurance
companies must receive your diagnosis and personal information to provide reimbursement
and this information can end up in your employment, or personnel file.

Second, insurance companies often limit the number of counseling sessions you can receive. I
believe that you and I--not the insurance company--should choose the number of counseling
sessions you will have.

If you want to request reimbursement from your insurance company, after four sessions I
provide a diagnosis and summary of services to submit to your insurance company.
Counseling Rates
Expat Counseling Vienna
English Language Counseling
for Expats by an Expat

"Your Passport to Harmony while Globally Mobile"
U1: Sudtiroler Platz
1040 Vienna
Couples Session :   140 € / 50 minutes
Individual Session:    1
40 € / 50 minutes
Helen Rudinsky, MS
Marriage & Family Therapist
Treatment Packages
After the initial counseling session, you can decide if you
want to move forward with treatment or not.  Many times just
a few sessions are needed.

Often clients commit to 3-6  months of  couples counseling
or  1-3 months for individual counseling. By the end of
therapy,  they have the skills to continually improve and
maintain their progress on their own. They can come back
periodically for booster counseling sessions.
Payment Policy
To reserve your time slot for the first  session, as scheduling is done on a first come, first
served basis, payment is made in advance to  
Erste Bank. This will lock in your desired time
After the first session, payment is made at the beginning of each session by cash.  

A 24 hour cancellation notice is required to cancel a session, otherwise
the full counseling session fee will be charged.
Marriage Counseling, Expat English Language Counseling, Family Counseling

Serving  couples, individuals and children in English speaking expatriate  
communities worldwide since 1980 with face-to-face sessions and phone via

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Marriage & Family Therapist
Bank Information

Account Number (Kontonummer) : 823 5895 9200
IBAN: AT 25 2011 1823 5895 9200          BIC: GIBAATWWXXX
Bank (Empfangerbank): Erste Bank
Account Holder (Empfangerin): Helen Rudinsky
A 24 hour cancellation notice is required to cancel a session, otherwise the
full counseling session fee will be charged.